Wallpaper Fabric

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Wallpaper Fabric

Photo Tex Removable Adhesive Wallpaper Fabric (made with Solvent, Latex & UV inks) is a white polyester material that is perfect for printing.  Mount it on most any flat surface excluding non-painted brick. It’s easy to reuse and doesn’t even leave a messy residue. You can use Photo Tex Wallpaper Fabric inside or outside, so use it where you see fit.

Choose Photo Tex Removable Adhesive Wallpaper Fabric, and:

  • Stop worrying about shrinkage or curling
  • It won’t tear or wrinkle, so treat it as you like
  • Make it look great with back-lighting
  • Keep the adhesive clean and it will stay strong
  • Help the environment with this safe, green friendly product, so no guilt

Formats and Description

  • You can choose  aqueous or pigment
  • Will work with UV inkjet, solvent/eco-solvent, latex, and UV formats.

Wrap Photo Tex Wallpaper Fabric around corners or poles and even stick it to ceilings. Paint Photo Tex or personalize it with contour cuts. Decorate most any wall with whatever you like!

You can reproduce any picture,  actions shots, art, design or murals you like so have a ball. Create unique wallpaper borders, corporate advertisements, signs, posters, political campaign materials, posters and ads, door coverings and window signage. Create what you need as this material is easy to print on, so be creative!

Features & Benefits:

•Sticks securely in all weather, so you can trust it
•Is easily removed from any surface with no residue, so no mess
•Can be re-used for multiple applications, and easily
•Is water resistant, so good outdoors
•Doesn’t rip or wrinkle, therefore it lasts
•Illuminates with back lighting, so be creative
•Can be used with all Inkjet, Dye, Offset, and Silkscreen Printers
•Accepts all dye, pigment, UV, & UltraChrome inks
•Has produced up to 2540 dpi
•Wind tested at 500 miles per hour

• Design Service is Available as needed, simply CLICK HERE


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