Translucent Transfers

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Applies To:
• 100% cotton
• Poly/cotton blends
• 100% polyester
• White or Light color garments only


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Preheat: 2-3 Seconds
Temperature: 311° F / 155° C
Pressure: Medium
Time: 10-15 Seconds
Peel: WARM

Care Instructions:

  • Do not dry clean this product and handle with care
  • Turn shirt inside out and machine wash with cold or warm water  with mild detergent
  • Tumble dry on low to normal setting
  • Don’t Use chlorine bleach
  • Wait 24 hours before first washing this material


Translucent Transfers

Translucent Transfers for light color garments. You’ll get a clear print and cut material, material has been uniquely cultivated for white and light colored fabrics. Enjoy the softness. Wash away and enjoy! This is the closest look and feel to screen printing you can find on the market. Enjoy the ease and the beauty. Don’t worry about safety, and you won’t need a mask either. Safety isn’t an issue as nothing harmful is involved so there is no danger derived from the process.

use Translucent Transfers:

  • You can use pure cotton (100%)
  • And pure Polyester (100%)
  • Choose cotton and polyester blends

Use this magnificent process to get the prints you want and the colors you desire. You’ll  get the results you want and the lasting designs that you crave. You’ll find that these prints are vibrant and lasting, and are extremely cost-effective as well. Take advantage of digital aged printing at its finest. Choose this so you get high quality transfers that are easy and safe to use. You want the quality and not the hassle. This means that Translucent Transfer Matte Soft is exactly what you need, and will give you quality results you desire. Count on it each and every time.

Product Highlights:

  • Find durable and long lasting polyurethane composition
  • Find a strong polyester backing sheet so it lasts
  • Enjoy the clear base and a high-resolution matte finish
  • Trust the strength at 1.8 mils thickness
  • Find that it is durable, pliable, and made to last
  • Choose a product that is perfect for Eco-Solvent and Solvent printers and cutters
  • To get information on Siser, then click HERE

Choosing thickness will matter and it will affect transfer quality and choice will be based on the thickness of the transfer that you choose. Thickness is important and if it is too thin the transfer will show through. To view a sample simply click HERE

Don’t wait and get a weaker process. Choose Matte Soft Light Transfer. Choose safety and ease. Choosing this process will save time, effort and money. Contact us today. We will help you through the whole process. Contact us with any questions so that we can help. Choose us so you can enjoy customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on customer service and quality workmanship so you enjoy the process. Also, you’ll find we stand by our work.

  • Get results so you’re happy
  • Enjoy bright colors
  • Technology offers better products, so take advantage
  • Enjoy great customer service
  • Clear prints
  • Pristine images
  • Affordable, so good for the budget
  • Safe
  • Easy to use, so relax
  • Stretches
  • No masks
  • No hassles, so no fuss
  • High quality
  • Green friendly,
  • Non-Toxic, so no worries
  • Easily applied with heat
  • Soft
  • High resolution finish!


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